Traditional Thai Massage Centre

Thai Massage History

Thai massage is a science and art that has developed gradually over a very long time. Stone carvings which date back to the Sukhothai era demonstrate the massage techniques as a great way of preserving good health. The heritage continued into the Ayuthaya period, blossomed further and these methods are now a vibrant part of modern day Thailand.

Thai massage today embraces many techniques developed over many centuries to offer optimal health benefits. Thai massage can assist in relieving headaches and stress, sport injuries, aids in relaxation, and also helps restore body equilibrium.


Types of Thai Massage

The Fold Massage

This is a massage method that people often used on themselves in the past. The massage methods include squeezing, bending the body as a way of relieving fatigue and stiffness, and bestowing the feeling of good spirit and warmth. Today, the massage technique has managed to spread all over the country and subsequently all over the world.


Royal Thai Palaces Massage

Royal Thai Palaces massage, or known as Court massage, is offered with the masseuse using only their hands and fingers. It developed as a massage technique that was used on people of Royal circles and Kings as it was more “polite”. The masseuse also moves around only their knees and does not use their elbows, knees or feet as it isn’t appropriate for the royal family. This technique is closer to a treatment than just relaxation and will also leave you feeling lighter and relieved of pain.